We are leading regional vacuum equipment manufacturer. Our main manufacturing product is the Pump that deliver high end performance to our customers. Vacuum is a need for many industrial sectors. From generating power to medical equipment need the vacuum solution of their own.

We are serving all the industrial sectors who requires vacuum equipment and we have been satisfied those needs since 1992. Our consultants helps many industrial sector to achieve their needs to the fullest.

“Sales is not a goal, it is beginning of a commitment” has been the Push slogan for many years and we stood by those words. We provide the highest standards quality compared to global market. Our headquarter is in Tehran (Islamic republic of Iran). Our production site is located in Sepehr industrial park ( Alborz province ).

Push company name stands for Sheikhha Vacuum pumps. Push is a family owned manufacturer which has been managed by Sheikhha family since 1992.

Push Ltd History

Push Ltd was founded in 1992. The main goal was to manufacture rotary vane vacuum pumps to satisfy the need of Iranian industrial sectors. Push Ltd started with a small manufacturing plant in Karaj province and at the beginning it was only design and assembly.  As Push Ltd expands its manufacturing capability today every single process is being done in house, and proudly our Vacuum pumps and system has significant share of regional market.

01. Our Vision

To bring innovation and creativity in every industrial sectors that related remotely to vacuum industry.

02. Our Mission

Being committed to our customer and provide the highest standard customer service. “Sales is not the goal, it is beginning of a commitment”

03. Our Value

Push Ltd has been established its value base on trust, and honesty between the representative and customers. It is important for us that customer can trust the service that we provide.

04. Goals of Push Ltd

Being a company that customers trust and provide the most reliable vacuum pumps  that can last longer than any other pumps in the market. Provide the to of the line customer service and satisfy the market needs for vacuum pump and vacuum systems.


Company registered under Sheikhha Vacuum Pumps ( also known as Push Ltd )

Heart of the push Ltd start to beat in 1992. The main goal at the time was to provide service and manufacture a domestic pump for iranian industrial sector needs.


Awarded the most Innovative Company in Iran

Awarded the Khwarizmi Prize in Tehran


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